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Coated Solar Module

Coated Photovoltaic Module - Single Crystal

Coated Photovoltaic Module (Single Crystal)

Product Name SR66DH310C YKMO SR66DH315C YKMO SR72DH340C YKMO SR72DH360C CYMO
Cell Type 66Cell 66Cell 72Cell 72Cell
Rated Sway 310(W) 310(W) 340(W) 360(W)
Open Voltage 43.32(V) 43.41(V) 46.16(V) 46.30(V)
Short Circuit
9.36(A) 9.43(A) 9.45(A) 9.82(A)
Maximum Output
34.82(V) 35.13(V) 37.60(V) 39.25(V)
Maximum Output
8.91(A) 8.97(A) 9.05(A) 9.26(A)
Efficiency 18.08(%) 18.38(%) 18.20(%) 19.30(%)
Size 975x1760x48(mm) 975x1760x48(mm) 975x1918x48(mm) 975x1918x48(mm)
Weight 19.5(Kg) 19.5(Kg) 21.2(Kg) 21.2(Kg)

PPS Good Product - PV System

Photovoltaic power generation system using inorganic nanomaterial coating with improved light transmittance by AR and prevention of pollution

PPS Good Product - PV System