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Mandatory Installation Business

Purpose of implementation

A system that requires public institutions to supply more than the mandatory supply of energy (18 years, 24 %) to new renewable energy for buildings with a gross floor area of 1,000 ㎡ or more

Article 12 Clause 2 of the Act on Development, Utilization and Distribution of Renewable Energy and the Enforcement Type 15

- Date of initial execution : 04.3.29

- The extension, renovation and renovation will take effect on 15 March 2009

- Change base date : ”11.4.13(Building cost -> energy usage)

- Change the gross floor area(3,000㎡ → 1,000㎡) : Enforcement date(’12.1.1)

Rate of compulsory new renewable energy supply

The corresponding year 2011
2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Percentage of supply obligation (%) 10 11 12 15 18 21 24 27 30

Institution subject to installation mandatory

  • State agencies and local governments
  • Act on the operation of public institutions
  • A government, sponsored organization with over 5 billion won per year
  • A government-funded corporation pursuant to No.6 of the State Property Act, No.2
  • A corporation that has invested in a local government or a public institution, a government-sponsored institution or a government-funded corporation pursuant to the provisions of Items 2 to 4 in proportion or amount prescribed by Presidential Decree
    - Corporations that invested more than 50% of the paid-in capital
    - Incorporation of over 5 billion won in paid-in capital
  • Corporations established under special laws

Use of buildings subject to installation obligations

Public : Correction and military facilities (excluding military facilities), broadcasting communication facilities, business facilities

Cultural and social facilities : Religious facilities, medical facilities, educational research facilities, aged facilities, training facilities, exercise facilities, cemetery related facilities, sightseeing rest facilities, funeral facilities

Commercial: Business facilities, sales facilities, transport facilities, accommodation facilities, amusement facilities


※ Excluding residential and other facilities (warehouse facilities, hazardous materials storage and treatment facilities) and power generation facilities (implemented on April 11, 2011)

※ School facilities: Including from 08.9.10.

Learn more. Links to renewable energy centers (www.energy.or.kr)