• KOR


~ 2016's
  • Confirmation of Specialized Green Enterprise
  • Obtain NH Networks Partnership
  • G-PASS Company Confirmation
  • Obtain green technical certificate
  • Obtain confirmation of green technology products
  • Obtain performance certificates
  • Certified as 100W
  • Certified as 315W
  • Obtain the best product certification from the procurement office
  • Selected as a company specialized in solar energy distribution projects for the Korea Energy Management Corporation (since 2015~) /Housing support, building support, regional support, installation obligation, PRS
  • Certified as 340W
  • Acquisition of the Small and Medium Business Vice Minister's Award
  • Patent registered (solar power generation system using solar cell module with improved light transmittance, pollution prevention and self-cleaning capabilities)
  • Selected again as MAIN-BIZ
  • Selected again as INNO-BIZ
  • Venture business confirmation
  • Selected as a small and medium business (Main-BIZ)
  • Incheon Metropolitan City Award for Proud Engineers
  • INNO - BIZ Small and Medium-Sized Companies
  • Patent Registration (Solar Power Generation System using Combined Cable Duct Frame)
  • Trade, Industry and Energy Ministry Award
  • Incheon Regional Small Business Manager Award
  • Selected as a national project for energy technology development (under the supervision of the Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation) : Development of AR, anti- contamination function for improving and maintaining power generation of in-site solar module, development of nano-coating materials, major coating equipment and coating surface inspection technology
  • Procurement Office multI-provider (MAS) contracts
  • Patent Registration (Installation and Method of Photovoltaic System)
  • Select a promising small and medium sized company in Incheon and obtain a 300W certification.
  • Headquarters and plant relocation (South-East industrial complex → Western)
  • Selected as a company designated by the Military Manpower Administration
~ 2011's
  • Poly crystal and single crystal 250W certification (16.03%) acquisition
  • Obtain an electric supply license
  • Register a company specializing in renewable energy
  • Selection of quality products in Incheon
  • Establishment of a corporate research institute
  • Register venture company
  • Obtain ISO certification (IS 09001, ISO 14001)
  • Patent Registration (Fixings of Photovoltaic Module)
  • Certified for 260W, 275 W and 285 W
~ 2007's
  • Establishment of a corporation
  • Complete the factory and start mass production
  • Domestic certification of solar energy module
  • European TUV certification
  • CE approval
  • Head office and factory relocation (Bupyeong → Incheon Namdong Industrial Complex)