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Building Support Business

What is the building support business?

As a result of the government subsidizing a portion of the installation fee for renewable energy facilities, promoting commercialization of domestic development products and inducing early market creation and promotion.

General supply business : As a commercialized general supply system of developed new and renewable energy equipment, it will support up to 50% of installation cost for private use

- Photovoltaic, solar, wind, geothermal, small hydro, and biotechnology facilities: Support within 50% of the facility cost

- Waste mining and mining facilities : Support within 30% of the facility cost

Pilot supply business : As a pilot supply facility (government-supported R & D utilization condition) for the commercialization of the developed new and renewable energy technology, it supports within 80% of installation cost only for private use

Criteria for participation of professional companies and applicants

- Professional companies

Project Name Classification Participation Criteria
General Supply Business Common application
Based on public announcement date of the project, Specialist enterprise" equivalent to Article 2, Item 6 of "Criteria for upporting Renewable and Renewable Energy Facilities" No. 2009-332
Power generation facilities companies that registered electricity construction business ased on the announcement date of the project
Heat utilization facility Company that registered the machinery installation business or heating construction industry (first, second class) based on the publicity date of the project
Waste facilities Companies that have registered on the basis of the publicity date of the support project, machinery facility construction business or pollution prevention facility business registration.
Pilot Supply Business Common application Companies involved in domestic technology development projects

- Application Applicant

Project Name Participation Criteria
GeneralㆍDemonstration Project

ㆍOwner (representative) or owner of a certified copy of the building to be installed in question (However, the owners of hypothetical buildings under Article 15, Article 5, paragraph 9, 10 and 11 of the Enforcement Decree of the Building Act may participate)

ㆍExclude buildings owned by government and local governments (However, elementary, middle, and high schools among the first 10 schools of the fourth Annex to Article 3 of the Enforcement Decree of the Building Act are allowed)

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