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Regional Support Project

What is the community support project?

Build new eco-friendly renewable energy supply system to local characteristics, also, projects promoted by local governments for the development of local economy through rationalization of energy use

Active service* Article 28 of the Enforcement Decree of the New Renewable Energy Act
(Supply Management in conjunction with local governments) *<revision 2008.9.10.>

Target for support

- 16 metropolitan and municipal governments

Detailed business information

Facilities assistance projects : projects to support new renewable energy-related facilities and facilities for the purpose of stabilizing energy supply or streamlining energy use in the region. ex) projects for installing solar power plants, installation of hydroelectric power facilities, etc.

Funding information

Every target Based on application capacity
Subject Local government
지원조건 Facility support project : within 50 % of the required amount
(local cost sharing condition)

Responsible department and contact

- Energy Management Corporation's new renewable energy center, New renewable energy supply assurance room

- Contact number : +82-31-260-4684, +82-31-260-4686, +82-31-260-4690

Learn more. Links to renewable energy centers (www.energy.or.kr)